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  • Determine why you want to slow down the relationship. There’s nothing wrong with slowing down a relationship. Still, it’s vital to gather your thoughts and understand your feelings. You may not feel a romantic attraction, or perhaps you started to feel a negative vibe.

  • Communicate your feelings. Speak with your significant other and express your need to slow down the relationship. Be honest, but take his or her feelings into consideration. If necessary, write a letter. This way, you can get your thoughts on paper.

  • Establish a few relationship boundaries. Whether you need space or time to rethink the relationship, it’s important to establish a few limitations. If you and your significant other spend every waking moment together, you may decide to limit interaction temporarily. Moreover, you may decide to limit or completely stop intimacy.

  • Stick with your decision. Once you establish the new relationship boundaries, stick with the agreement. Sending mixed signals or being hypocritical complicates the situation.

  • Let your partner know how much you care about the relationship. Telling someone you want to slow down a relationship can put fear in his or her heart. Convey that you would like to continue the relationship, but you need a little space.

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