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Last night was the second episode of the new reality show, from Tia and Tamera. I fall even more in love with these girls each time I watch their show! The best part about it is that I have heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has watched it! It’s so great to see a positive portrayal of black women in the media!

On this episode, Tamera continued to plan her stressful wedding after finding out that she was $30,000 over budget! In order to take some of the stress off of her, her and her closest girlfriends headed to Santa Barbara to celebrate Tamera’s bachelorette weekend. Tia had a hard time deciding to go and celebrate Tamera’s bachelorette weekend due to the fact that she was eight months pregnant and didn’t want to be around a bunch of drinking and partying girls but she didn’t want to let her sister down so she decided to go along anyway and limit herself. Tia surprised Tamera with a stripper even though Tamera said she didn’t want one, which led Tamera to break down into tears! The girls then headed out to the club to let loose! Tia began weighing her birthing options and juggled between hiring an OBGYN or a mid-wife. She wanted the flexibility to give birth in her own home and in different positions but she also wanted the option to be able to use drugs if the pain got too bad!

Here are some of the top moments from last night’s episode!

1. Tia’s ultrasound. I know, ultrasounds are a normal part of the whole pregnancy process, but it was just so cute to see how excited Tia was to see her baby! It was also cute to see Tamera’s reaction to Tia’s ultrasound also. The girls looked as though they were about to cry once the baby was visible on the screen. It was also so cute when Tamera started talking to Tia’s stomach and it looked as if the baby turned to look at Tamera through Tia’s stomach! Super cute! I think it’s great that Tia allowed cameras to share that experience with her!

2. Tia going to Tamera’s bachelorette weekend even though she was eight months pregnant. Let’s be honest. We’ve all dogged out that pregnant lady in the club at least once before! But despite the fact that Tia was eight months pregnant, she still made an effort to support her sister, Tamera, during her bachelorette weekend. I think that moment just showed how strong their twin bond really is and that they can’t do anything without each other!

3. Tamera crying. Okay, I think Tamera might have cried about five or six times during this episode. Between planning her dream wedding, her bachelorette weekend and being completely overwhelmed with stress, the girl just couldn’t keep her tears in! I’m sure planning a wedding is super stressful and Tamera definitely doesn’t make it look any easier. But I thought it was so sweet how all of her friends were extremely understand over her wedding obesssion and seemed to really  have her back during it all!

What were some of your favorite moments from last night’s episode of “Tia & Tamera”?

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