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Last night BET may have encountered their most embarrassing moment to date! An award that has been given out by a fan for some years now went terribly wrong after the “teleprompter winner” didn’t match the “Evo Tablet Winner.” Tiffany Green (a huge Nicki Minaj fan) was horribly embarrassed after she read the winner of the Coca-Cola’s Viewer’s Choice Award winner to be Chris Brown then Rihanna and finally Drake who after all the fumbles actually didn’t win the award! This comes after Rihanna and Drake have been rumored to be messing around. Tiffany took to her Twitter account accusing BET of setting her up, saying:

“Bawling backstage. They totally f*cked me up.”

“The tablet f*ckin said CHRIS BROWN….the TELEPROMPTER said Rihanna. What the F*CK?????? Goin home.”

“So BET did that on purpose. Oh. I feel better.”

“Look b*tches….Im not SLOW. lol They did the sh*t on PURPOSE. F*cked up right? *shrug* smh”

Check out the blunder below: