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*There have been numerous cases of heinous crimes committed by juveniles (nearly 2500) and they have met with the harshest punishment of all … life in prison without chance of parole.

These sentences, when given to the likes of Lee Boyd Malvo, accomplice to John Allen Muhammad (D.C. Sniper) have given us an immediate sense of satisfaction.

But we forget to look at their age and their ability to transform their young souls.

Look at the young men that were involved in the horrific death of Derrion Albert, the 16-year old beaten to death in Chicago.

These young men are probably in line to receive the same punishment, especially since only one of the accused is under 18. Yet, their crime fits that type of punishment right? How many of you believe that if the shoe fits, let them wear it to hell?

When we hear what they’ve done we immediately look the other way and wait till they are gone from our sight.  The community (if there’s one left) has disintegrated behind the absence of not only black fathers, but their sons are being locked away at an alarming rate. The absence is an absence, no matter how it came about. So, do we rehabilitate and restructure their thinking or let them rot?

Well, before you answer that, wait until you see this young woman’s testimony. Her name is Sara Kruzen and she’s only 29. Guess how long she’s already been locked up? Put it this way, she was still in high school. You might wanna believe she’s an actor, here with a public service announcement. Unfortunately, that could not be further from the truth.

To see her story, click HERE.

PLUS: Possibly 20 Assailants Rape 15-Year Old Outside School Dance

*What kind of animals, whether involved or not, stand around while a 15-year old girl is raped repeatedly for two and a half hours.  The young woman’s identity hasn’t been given, but she was flown to shock trauma and listed in critical but stable condition.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the incident took place Saturday in Richmond, CA at Richmond High School’s Homecoming dance. One of the males that stands accused is a former student of the school, Manuel Ortega, 19. He was arrested not too long after he left the scene of the crime and faces “charges of rape, robbery and kidnapping,” police said.

The girl had been invited to a secluded area by what police think is someone she knew.  She began drinking with several young men and once she was drunk they began to attack her.

Two disturbing details given could’ve saved the young woman’s life. To find out what they are, click HERE.

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