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05/16/2006. Portraits of Anna Paquin show stars once again as Rogue in the new X–Men III The Last S

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May 13 marks a time of remembrance.

According to, 20th Century Fox has dubbed the day “X-Men Day” as a way to commemorate the X-Men characters being on the big screen for nearly 20 years. The day involves the debut of exclusive X-Men content, special events and advance ticket sales for the upcoming X-Men flick Dark Phoenix.


Stars from the X-Men franchise have already tweeted out their celebration of X-Men Day, including Hugh Jackman who called his role as Wolverine the “role of a lifetime.”


Ryan Reynolds, who stars as Deadpool, also tweeted out his excitement, writing, “Happy #XMenDay. Since the moment I first put on the suit, it’s been the greatest gig of my life. Even ‘Practice Deadpool’ in 2009.”


It’s no surprise Jackman and Reynolds have a strong allegiance to the franchise, considering they both have solo movies in the X-world, some of which have received critical acclaim. With the Dark Phoenix once again getting her shine on June 7, I thought this would be a good time to bring up other X-Men characters that would kill (or save) in their own solo movie.

Hit the flip for the mutants that should get that extra attention and let us know if you’d save up your coins for their release date!

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