the punisher

Cuba Gooding Jr. found himself in the middle of a breakdance battle last night on the Late Late Show with James Corden.  John Bernthal, the Punisher from Netflix’s Daredevil got the party started.  The others soon joined in while Don Cheadle instigated the whole time.  “He worm’d you son!”, said Cheadle, but about who? Watch […]

Netflix watchers tend to fall into two camps: those who binge-watch the entire season of a show the day it drops, and those who watch it…

Casey Heynes is seen worldwide as a modern day hero as he made a decision to not take bullying anymore! Hear about his tales of fear, anxiety and suicidal thoughts that lead up to the viral video seen around the world Casey’s story is a true tale of triumph, there are thousands of Casey’s out […]