The Color Purple

Oprah Winfrey‘s former co-star in The Color Purple, Rae Dawn Chong, is apparently not a big fan. She absolutely tore her a new one in an interview. Basically, Chong feels that O is basically self-centered fat “biotch” who would have likely been a “field n–gger” back in the slavery days … seriously. Makes Terrence Howard‘s remarks on Oprah’s tig ol’ bitties seem […]

The black community has long had a love-hate relationship with the Academy Awards. Hollywood’s highest honors have only recently started to become more inclusive and even still, the black performances they’ve chosen to recognize are often polarizing and controversial. Hattie McDaniel famously won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as ‘Mammy’ in […]

Nowhere has the depiction of black life been more diverse than in the world of cinema. Go to any video store, surf any video rental website and look at the wide selection of films in the African-American/Black films section. The variety is vast, so if you’re having trouble where to start, here are nine of […]

Here's my First Lady video/Song Of The day, "The Color Purple" It's Classic Movie clips Week. All week long clips from classic movies. <!--more-->

Fantasia’s got a stalker and her stalker is reportedly racist.