After 25 years, Oprah Winfrey is calling it quits with her talk show and moving on to her OWN Network which debuts January 1, 2011. In a recent interview with TV Guide, she discusses her last and final season and the secrets to success. Here are a few excerpts:

Our newest celebrity blogger Lala Vasquez recently let us hang with her as she gets ready for her upcoming wedding this weekend. 

We've never heard of it, but apparently it had a very promising premiere. It opened to 12.47 million viewers in September.

If you have been wondring when Jada Pinkett-Smith's HawthoRNe will be returning for season 2, here's what the rumor is... <!--more-->

Radio host turned talk show host Wendy Williams hit up the red carpet at the 5th Annual March of Dimes Beauty Ball in New York City.