In “The Help,” Viola Davis famously played a maid who discovers her own power. Her new film “Beautiful Creatures” is based on a book in which her character Amma is also a maid – but with telepathic power. All dark magic aside, the maid part of the deal, for Davis, caused initial hesitation in moving forward with […]

Twitter has been ablaze for about the last hour since Senator John McCain posted a “joke” that many felt was racist.  Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made an announcement that he himself would like to be Iran’s first astronaut.  McCain tweeted a “joke” (pictured below) comparing the President of Iran to a monkey…yeah.   The reaction from […]

Black Woman Redefined will be released in paperback Nov. 20, with new essays and an interview with The First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama. In this book, Sophia Nelson lays waste to the age-old stereotypes of black women as angry, loud-mouthed, and out of shape by creating new images through letters and […]

The black community has long had a love-hate relationship with the Academy Awards. Hollywood’s highest honors have only recently started to become more inclusive and even still, the black performances they’ve chosen to recognize are often polarizing and controversial. Hattie McDaniel famously won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as ‘Mammy’ in […]

Many African-American students perform poorly on standardized tests because they fear incorrect answers will confirm negative stereotypes about their race, a study by the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education reported this week. A study of two groups of students indicated that those who were introduced to “Sterotype threat” prior to an exam, performed worse […]

Last year HelloBeautiful ran articles about untrue stereotypes of black men, as well as untrue stereotypes of black women. So what about misleading stereotypes of Americans generally? Do we really know what the rest of the world thinks about us? Talking to a friend from New Zealand recently who is just about to come to […]