After all the criticism following her endorsement of Mitt Romney last year, Stacey Dash’s political views have made headlines again. During a recent Fox News interview, Dash revealed that she only voted for President Obama “because he was black.” “I didn’t know anything about [Obama] when I voted for him in 2008. My choice to do so […]

Vivica A. Fox is back on TV with two new shows, Lifetime’s hidden-camera reality series Prank My Mom and the syndicated scripted comedy Mr. Box Office. During an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, the Independence Day star talked about her new TV projects and also weighed in on a hot political topic: Stacey Dash’s endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. “I don’t […]

Stacey Dash broke the ice as one of the first celebrities to go public and endorse candidate Mitt Romney for President. Now Lindsay Lohan joins Dash and others like Hulk Hogan in saying Romney has her vote, too… At least for now. At a promotional event she said the deal breaker was unemployment. I just […]