relationship tip

With all of the new technology today – sometimes we never really communication with our partners because we’re always on our cell phones – sending a text – checking Facebook and Twitter and checking email. When you’re together – make it a priority to put the phones down and really spend quality time with your […]

We all want to communicate better in our relationships, but did you know the #1 reason for break-ups and divorce is because of lack of communication or because of a communication problem? Here are some tips to communicate better: Find the Right Time. If you want to have a serious conversation about something make sure […]

When a relationship grows stale, couples tend to believe something is wrong. Maybe I chose the wrong partner, or maybe my partner doesn’t care about me. What if there isn’t anything wrong at all? You just need a spark …one way to do that is to talk about the start of the relationship. Talk about how you met, talk […]