Stevie Wonder breaks down at a MJ tribute. They were close. Check out the video. <!--more-->

Check out Barbara Walter's list of most fascinating people of 2009. <!--more-->

Papa Joe is going back to court to challenge Michael's Will. <!--more-->

Go head Janet "Ms. Jackson if your nasty." Receive the love and support the world wants to show. <!--more-->

Janet Jackson is expected to open up with ABC anchor Robin Roberts in an exclusive primetime ABC special event. Slated to air November 18 on the network, sources say Jackson could talk everything from the death of her brother, Michael Jackson, to recent changes in her career. The interview itself has not been conducted as of press time, sources close to ABC say an official an ...

OMG!!! This is one of the greatest videos of all times.. <!--more-->

It's Thiller... Thriller... I Love it.. <!--more-->

You gotta be kidding me....LOL No really, you gotta be kidding me. <!--more-->

A Happier Michael is something we all would like to see. Will you support the movie? Who do you think will really benefit from the money made from the ticket sells? <!--more-->