2012 Presidential campaign

It’s 3:00 a.m. on November 7, 2012. With the painfully close presidential election now down to who wins the battleground state of Ohio, no network dares to call the race and risk repeating the mistakes of 2000 when a few networks jumped the gun on picking a winner. As the magic boards used by the […]

Just hours after Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign attempted an image reboot on Monday, it found itself under attack over a clandestinely recorded video of the candidate describing nearly half the electorate as “dependent on government” because they don’t pay federal income taxes, remarks first reported by The Huffington Post and Mother Jones. President Barack Obama’s campaign […]

A punching bag showing President Obama as a boxer with a black eye has been pulled from a Republican Party tent at an Indiana county fair. The Muncie Star Press reports there were complaints from some people, including a Republican state House candidate, who attended the Delaware County Fair about the punching bag which had been on display […]