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96th Annual Oscars - Show

Will Smith and The Oscars will forever be linked after the slapping incident heard around the world involving the actor and Chris Rock. However, some on X are wondering out loud why Will Smith is banned for his actions but John Cena going nude on the Oscars stage got to fly without a hitch.

In a bit with Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel, John Cena presented the nominees for the Best Costume Design award. Cena’s state of undress was a callback to the 1974 Academy Awards ceremony where a naked streaker took to the stage.

Cena elected not to run across the stage but instead was naked save for covering the front of his privates with the nominee list. The award was given to Holly Waddington, who worked on the film, Poor Things.

While the moment was focused on being comedic at its root, it appears some on X are wondering how the academy heads let this fly and Smith was hit with a decade-long ban from the festivities.

There are also folks online calling the moment for Cena a “humiliation ritual” as a part of whatever phantom Hollywood cabal’s initiation practices. We’ll leave that one alone for all the reasons one can imagine.

As it stands, Will Smith is trending on X, formerly Twitter, and we’ve got reactions to John Cena’s moment below.

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