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Some Dude's List Of The Most Unappreciated Hip-Hop Albums

Source: Some Dude / Radio One Digital


It took 45 years but Congress has honored Hip-Hop with its own day! The birthday of Hip-Hop, August 11th will now and forever be known as Hip-Hop Celebration Day. From the beginning when DJ Kool Herc invited the block to a house party on 1520 Sedgwick Ave in The Bronx to become the most popular music genre, whoever thought Hip-Hop could take it this far is an accurate statement.

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While we can come up with the greatest albums, artists, etc, the folks at Some Dude Pod wanted to spotlight albums and artists that we should give a bit more appreciated. Because, especially in Rap, we should be celebrating all forms.

And why we are here, shouts out the Backpackers, Graffiti Artists, Breakdancers, and everyone who supports the culture with peace, love, and having fun.

Here’s our list!

Some Dude’s List Of The Most Underappreciated Hip-Hop Albums  was originally published on

1. Little Brother – The Minstrel Show

J.R. Bang: One of the best albums to come from the south. This album changed the game for “different” southern artists to be heard. 

2. Q-Tip – “The Renaissance”

kaleido0oscope – The production is insane. It’s basically the 6th Tribe (A Tribe Called Quest) album without Phife

3. Common – Can I Borrow A Dollar?

SD2Mics: 1. Put eyes on him & led to “Resurrection”
2. City pride was crazy off that album.
3. Impact it had on Chicago artists. Motivated cats
4. In the big picture, might be the most important Chicago project

4. Pharoah Monch – Internal Affairs

Sleeps_Cousin: Had a major hit (Simon Says), Dope Ass rapping off dope ass boom bap beats, Great guest appearance from other rappers & musicians, great track listing of songs that’s not popular, a dope love rap song, dope songs of substance, and dope word play cadence & delivery. I love that album but most people are like eh what evs. As long as I fux with it tho 🤷🏾‍♂️

5. Project Pat – Mista Don’t Play…Everythangs Workin

Camp From The Port: It’s a dope album, Project Pat cold and you should listen

6. Masta Ace – Long Hot Summer

Camp From The PortT

7. Young Bleed – My Balls And My Word

Young Bleed My Balls And My Word may be the most underrated No Limit album.

8. Busta Rhymes – The Big Bang

Shorty from Doggy’s Angels on the hook. Rick James sample. Two Tip cuts!!! Raekwon on Goldmine! The Missy Joint!!!

9. YG – My Krazy Life

YG should have gotten his Grammy nomination!

10. Tracey Lee – Many Facez

J. Hill: The only one I know that went bar for bar with biggie and not get outshined

11. Camp Lo – Uptown Saturday Night

Uptown Saturday Night is more than Luchini, even tho Luchini is dope AF

12. CRU – Da Dirty 30

Barry: CRUs joint meanwhile has classic sounding cuts, but somehow didn’t quite hit the streets right or something

13. G-Dep – Child of the Ghetto

The song Child of the Ghetto always makes me think of A.I. hoopin

14. Scarface – The Untouchable

You can argue this was Scarface’s best work

15. Devin the Dude – Just Tryin Ta Live

Devin Da Dude himself is underaappreicated!

16. Rich Boy – Rich Boy

Rich Boy came out the gate swinging!

17. T.I. – Paper Trail

You can also argue this is Tip’s best album.