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Michael Beasley Tearfully Opens Up About Mental Health Issues On 'Pivot'

Source: Lachlan Cunningham / Getty

You can make all the money in the world doing what you love to do, but that won’t lead to happiness. Michael Beasley is the perfect example of that. 

Coming into the 2008 NBA Draft, Michael Beasley was billed to be the next big thing coming into the league behind Derrick Rose. Beasley’s career never lived up to the expectations that were placed on him by sports analysts, but he did have a solid run, playing on numerous teams. He was even compared to Kevin Durant due to his ability to put the ball in the hoop, but his career didn’t take off like the current Nets superstar. Beasley stopped by The Pivot, the new talk show hosted by former NFL pro-athletes Ryan Clark, former I Am Athlete mainstays Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder for what many call the show’s best episode.

“I’ve been trying to find good people for so long. I’m tired, bro,” a visibly emotional Beasley revealed to the Pivot hosts. “I don’t know no one that ain’t stole from me,” Beasley said. “Everybody except for my kids stole from me.” The episode quickly changed from an interview into an intervention after Beasley told them he isolates himself in his home outside of playing basketball.

Crowder, who lives in the same neighborhood, offered to hang out with Beasley after he and Ryan explained isolating himself from the world is not the solution.

“You have kids. I have kids. Come to my house. We can get bounce houses for the kids. We can sit back on the porch, drink a couple [of] beers, drink some wine, hang out,” Crowder told Beasley.

The nearly 45-minute interview was an eye-opening dive into the mind of a professional athlete buckling to the immense pressure put on him while not having anyone reliable worth confiding in. Twitter shared their reactions offering support for Beasley and hoping he gets the help he needs.

You can peep more reactions below and watch the entire episode above.

Photo: Lachlan Cunningham / Getty

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