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Chloe x Halle are featured in Flaunt magazine with dual spreads showcasing their individual, unique personalities. The dynamic duo is slowly dismantling how fans were introduced to them in 2014 singing familiar pop covers on YouTube. From The Kids Are Alright, which was an ode to their adolescence, to their most recent project Ungodly Hour, embodying the intricacies of growing and glowing up, these two are ascending to greater heights.

Chloe tells Flaunt, “When our experiences and story change, so will the lyrics and the melodies and the feel of the music.”

The two have both grown tremendously as singers, actors and performers. As a duo, the two utilized the time throughout the quarantine portion of the impending pandemic to give fans a dose of at-home live performances. We watched in our homes as the young girls we met became grown women. Each sister with her own personality and style that both share effortless grace.

Chloe flaunts her curves, fierceness and sex appeal in her cover story, and Halle remains soft, sweet and somewhat of a mystery in her spread. 

“As we are evolving and creating—the music will evolve along with us.” Chloe shares with the publication.

Though Chloe x Halle may still appear to be angels in the eyes of many of their fans, Halle urges people to recognize them both as imperfect humans. The 21-year-old star just wrapped filming the newest adaptation of The Little Mermaid and joyfully reunited with her sister. Their brief separation during filming allowed for the sisters to transform in their personal art forms as individual superstars.

“We were perceived as these angels in a way that could do no wrong, kind of like these perfect human beings,” Halle explains. “We kind of wanted to flip the narrative of that perception, because we are so tired of being that.”

Chloe x Halle have more to prove to their fans. They want to explore their separate creativity, which is far more expansive. Take a look at the two cover stars Chloe and Halle Bailey as they take over Flaunt magazine for the “Future Experience” story featuring these absolutely stunning images.

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