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Maybe it’s our glorious melanin or infinite magic, but it’s no secret that Black women just don’t age, and when we do we do gloriously. We’ll be 40-years-old looking like we’re just out of college.

From Angela Bassett to Sade to Gabrielle Union, here are 30 famous sistas that continue to prove that we barely ever crack, if at all.

Black Don’t Crack! 30 Celebs Who Never Seem To Age  was originally published on

1. Baby, We Never Crack!

Baby, We Never Crack!

Maybe it’s our glorious melanin or infinite magic, but it’s no secret that Black women just don’t age, and when we do we do gloriously. We’ll be 40-years-old looking like we’re just out of college. From Angela Bassett to Sade to Gabrielle Union, here are 30 famous sistas that continue to prove that we barely ever crack, if at all.

2. Angela Bassett: Age 59

“The Mission Impossible” star has set the bar high on what to look achieve when reach your 60s. Maybe it’s her genes, workout routine or her amazing skin care line, what we know for sure is that Ms. Angela is not playing with y’all.

3. Halle Berry: Age 51

The Oscar winner looks better now in her early 50s than she did when she took home the Academy Award in 2002–some sixteen years ago. If you don’t follow her on the ‘Gram, you’re missing out on some serious body goal inspiration.

4. Nicole Murphy: Age 50

The model and fitness guru is literally a unicorn. After five kids, she still looks absolutely amazing! Just think: She turned the big 5-0 earlier this year. You go girl!

5. Viola Davis: Age 52

For Viola, perhaps all the winning she’s been doing over the years–an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, SAG and Golden Globe Award–is keeping her mad young. Whatever the case, she’s never looked more vibrant in her career!

6. Kerry Washington: Age 41

No lie: Ms. Pope looks as fly and etherial as she did when she starred in “Saved The Last Dance.” Could her happiness, family and all that Neutrogena be behind it all? Whatever it is, we’re here for it!

7. Gabrielle Union: Age 45

From “Bring It On” to “Being Mary Jane,” Gabrielle Union has been fly, fit and fierce. If this is her 45, what will her 60 bring her? We can’t wait to find out.

8. Bianca Lawson: Age 39

Queen Bey’s stepsister is one of the youngest on our list–and for good reason. For the past 20-pus years, she’s been playing teenage girls on multiple shows, including “Pretty Little Liars” where her character was in HIGH SCHOOL. Slay!

9. Sade: Age 59

It should be a crime to be almost 60 and look this amazing! Even her voice doesn’t age. Talk about an accomplishment. We say: Bring on that new album Sade. We’re ready.

10. Nia Long: Age 47

Ever since she starred in 90s classics “Friday” and “Love Jones,” Nia Long has been the ultimate stunna. And even as she nears her 50s, there still isn’t a wrinkle in sight. She thanks 30 years of getting facials, eye creme and good genes.

11. Naomi Campbell: Age 48

Since entering the game at the age of 15, Naomi Campbell has been an icon in the modeling industry for over 30 years. She claims she keeps her skin lush and fab by drinking plenty of water and staying away from sugar. If only that’s all it takes for us mere mortals.

12. Sanaa Lathan: Age 46

While we don’t know if the “Nappily Ever After” actress is the one that actually bit Beyonce, what’s not up for debate is how amazing Sanaa looks. She slays all day, everyday and believes that her youthful glow comes from loving herself from the inside out.

13. Cicely Tyson: Age 93

Cicely Tyson: Age 93

The Oscar and Emmy nominated iconic actress looks younger than a lot of white women in their 30s–cough, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. From her fierce ombre wigs to her empowering attitude, Cicely Tyson embodies the notion that age is just a number.

14. Rachel True: Age 50

Listen. We think that “The Craft” actress is secretly a vampire and is just trolling the rest of us for eternal fun. But let Rachel True tell it, it’s not drinking blood that keeps her skin so firm and plump, it’s eating a plant-based diet. Kale anyone?

15. Tracee Ellis Ross: Age 45

Following in the steps of her mama Diana Ross, Ms. Tracee is giving us LIFE everyday. What we love about her is that she’s willing to admit that her body and skin are changing and deals with it accordingly. She also finds that getting older allows her to be more bold in life.

16. Jada Pinkett Smith: Age 45

Jada is a goddess with a banging body. But be clear: The “Red Table Talk” co-host puts in hours a day at the gym to have those killer thighs and a tight six-pack. So if you want to look like her–at any age–you gotta be willing to put in the work.

17. Renee Elise Goldsberry: Age 47

No joke: The “Hamilton” Tony winner looks exactly as she did when she played Evangeline on soap opera “One Life To Live” back in 2003. While one would think she spends tons of money on skin care, Renee told the “New York Times” she keeps it simple: Cetaphil and Aveeno products, plus lots of water.

18. Iman: Age 63

It’s unfathomable that the supermodel and cosmetics queen is 63-years-old, but it’s true. One of her secrets is to embrace a little extra weight to keep her face a little more full and plump. We can dig it.

19. Phylicia Rashad: Age 70

Whether she is playing Claire Huxtable or the overprotective Mama in Drake’s “In My Feelings” video, Phylicia Rashad is the gold star of aging gracefully. She makes 70 look oh so good!

20. Lisa Bonet: Age 50

Speaking of “The Cosby Show” stars, Lisa Bonet is another one who has mastered the art of aging–or the art of not aging. The 50-year-old credits being a vegan, happiness and relaxation as the key to staying so young looking.

21. Tamara Tunie: Age 59

The “Dietland” star doesn’t look a day older than she did on the third season of “Law and Order: SVU.” We see you Tamara.

22. Janet Jackson: Age 52

From having a baby to going full out on a world tour, Janet Jackson doesn’t let age stop her from having anything. To only have this level of energy!

23. Rutina Wesley: Age 39

The “Queen Sugar” is showing us that 40 is the new 20s with her glowing skin. She looks just as amazing as she did when she started playing Tara on “True Blood” a decade ago.

24. Regina Hall: Age 47

Looking how she looks, one would think the “Girls Trip” comedienne stays sipping from the Fountain of Youth. Yet in reality, she uses Shiseido foaming cleanser and Avalon Organics Vitamin C products to stay illuminated and moisturized.

25. Kimberly Elise: 51

It’s been over 20 years since “Set It Off” hit theaters in 1996 and Kimberly Elise still has that shine! She says her vegan natural lifestyle has helped her age with grace. Are you starting to see a trend?

26. Cynthia Bailey: Age 51

The former model and RHOA star has never had an off day when it comes to the looks department. That, and never an off year. She credits that to good old vaseline, witch hazel and eye serum to keep her visage in tip-top shape.

27. Elise Neal: Age 52

Having been a dancer since she was 6-years-old, Elise Neal credits that history of disciple as to why she has stayed so fit over the years. That, and weight lifting to help boost her metabolism. Time to pump the iron.

28. Marjorie Harvey: Age 53

Marjorie Harvey makes being a grandmother look so fly. She believes that eating healthy and working out is the key to looking and feeling young. That, and taking plenty vacations with her boo, Steve.

29. Garcelle Beauvais: Age 51

Look, Garcelle looks just as vibrant now as she did when Jamie Foxx was chasing her character around on WB’s “The Jamie Foxx Show.” She swears by resistance training exercises, Pilates and treadmill work to keep her body in shape.

30. Salli Richardson: Age 50

The actress and “Queen Sugar” director doesn’t look a day over 35 and with good reason. When you are out there living your dreams, you stay glowing.

31. Toni Braxton: Age 50

While Toni had admitted to some plastic surgery over the years–a breast and nose job–her skin, curves and glow are all real. And she looks great.