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OutKast reuniting has become something mythological that is forever front of mind to Hip-Hop heads. So footage of Big Boi and Andre 3000 kicking it together backstage got social media excited, even if corresponding music from the Atliens is nowhere in sight.

Sir Lucius Leftfoot aka Big Boi was backstage at his partner in rhymes’ show at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA on Saturday (March 2). He gave 3 Stacks props for his flute playing.

“N*gga talkin’ bout he wasn’t planning on playing the flute,” Big Boi joked, while making sure everyone snapping photos and taking video made sure they got the sneakers in the shot.

“Antwan & Andre Flutie Hoooooo,” is how Big Boi captioned the post.

The Internets was here for the reunion—he was in town and on tour to perform songs from his latest album, New Blue Sun—even if 3 Stacks isn’t rapping but focusing on his woodwind game. See some of the commentary in the gallery.

Also worth noting, 3 Stacks linked up with Khujo Goodie, too.


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1. Of course, heads think this is why Big Boi pulled up.