You mean just being a good person isn't enough??? What else do I have to do? <!--more-->

Marlon Wayans is doing his thing. <!--more-->

This movie is going to be hilarious and informative all at the same time. I think we will all discover the truth..That making friends can be difficult no matter who you are or what color you are. <!--more-->

This picture maybe adorable, but do they know they are CHILDREN? I can't really tell from looking at the way they are dressed. What message is this sending to our daughters about who they really are? <!--more-->

Ok, You wanted to know some of the things Spike Lee said that made Tyler Perry mad? Here it is. <!--more-->

A Women’s Empowerment Series favorite, Cathy Holloway Hill, a two-time participate in the WTLC Women’s Empowerment Series is returning to Indianapolis this Saturday October 31st, as a speaker at the “Motherhood, Money and Men” Conference!

WOW Tyler, I had no idea you had so much pain inside. I hope this movie has helped you to close the door on this part of your life. <!--more-->

What is up with this? Where is the love? Why so much hate from Isiah? <!--more-->

Are you looking for ways to be the best girlfriend you can be? Read these suggesstions and let me know what you think? <!--more-->

Check out this video of Bill Cosby Rapping. <!--more-->

M.C. Big Daddy B.C.??? say it ain't so....LOL <!--more-->

Where is the Love? I can't believe Spike... I kinda dissappointed on this one...<!--more-->