You know you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel when you decide to expose a celebrity’s intestinal issues in order to sell your book.

Guess her reality show really paid off!! Kim K recently purchased a 4.8 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion. 

Talk about scandal….Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is reportedly set to reveal she is bisexual on the upcoming season of the reality show. Zolciak, who called her last boyfriend ‘Big Papa’ in order to keep his identity a secret, is allegedly dating DJ Tracy Young.

The debut of Italian Vogue‘s two new web blogs, “Vogue Black” and “Vogue Curvy,” has caused quite a bit of backlash.

Whitney was spotted flying out of Sydney International Airport yesterday looking pretty rough. Whit looks like she needs some strong coffee!!

Ciara and Mariah were spotted paryting at Haze nightclub in Vegas. Ciara’s abs are out of control!!

Here’s the new Mary J. Blige video for “Each Tear”, recorded with Italian Latin pop singer Tiziano Ferro. The song is the next scheduled single from her No. 1 album “Stronger With Each Tear”

When you have a medical question, who better to call than Dr. Oz? If you’re our own Tom Joyner, you can not just call - you can actually get featured on his show.

A lot of folks were worried that, once again, the president was bending over backwards

Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller is the subject of today's "Little-Known Black History Fact."

I am a small business owner and heard that the new credit card rules do not apply to business or corporate credit cards. Is this true? - Darlene