A Women’s Empowerment Series favorite, Cathy Holloway Hill, a two-time participate in the WTLC Women’s Empowerment Series is returning to Indianapolis this Saturday October 31st, as a speaker at the “Motherhood, Money and Men” Conference!

WOW Tyler, I had no idea you had so much pain inside. I hope this movie has helped you to close the door on this part of your life. <!--more-->

What is up with this? Where is the love? Why so much hate from Isiah? <!--more-->

Are you looking for ways to be the best girlfriend you can be? Read these suggesstions and let me know what you think? <!--more-->

Check out this video of Bill Cosby Rapping. <!--more-->

M.C. Big Daddy B.C.??? say it ain't so....LOL <!--more-->

Where is the Love? I can't believe Spike... I kinda dissappointed on this one...<!--more-->

I'm from Chicago and I've be on Rush Street where this club is located, I can honestly say I have seen some of these types of situations before.... <!--more-->

Blackface?! Are You Kidding Me?! <!--more-->

Looking for the perfect gift for that child in your life? <!--more-->

According to http://www.eurweb.com Marvin Sapp is set to record the follow-up to his runaway hit Thirsty, and fans around the world are invited to the concert as it is streamed live over the web at www.verityrecords.com. Those viewing the stream also will be the first to see one-on-one interviews with Sapp, Aaron Lindsey and others […]