What’s the point of Valentine’s Day? Should we just show our love one day out of the year? <!--more-->

True diversity is having a seat at the table for not only the Ava DuVernays, Shonda Rhimes, and Mara Brock Akils, but also for the slew of talented outsiders knocking at the door like Stacey Muhammad.

Not sure how to match the Valntine's gift you give your special someone to the level of your relationship?? Check out what AskMen.com says...

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After getting caught up in the John Mayer controversy...Holly Robinson let him have it after she heard what he said...

From anxiety over one’s relationship status (or lack thereof), to figuring out a non-lame way to celebrate, Valentine’s Day, more than any other occasion, has the power to elicit panic in even the most reserved, well-tempered individuals.

Let's face it: girls and guys have very different takes on what makes lingerie sexy. Girls tend to gravitate towards white, lacy ensembles in the bedroom, while guys often choose anything red, black or, umm... stringy.

I have no words. You have to see this for yourself. <!--more-->

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Here's my First Lady Video/Song of the Day, Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes performing "If You Don't Know Me By Now" live on Soul Train. This wraps up Soul Train Week. <!--more-->