MANCHESTER, Conn. — Omar Thornton sat calmly in a meeting with union representative and his supervisors as they showed a video of him stealing beer from the distributor where he worked.

"The personal sacrifices our military personnel make to protect our way of life truly makes each of them American Heroes - they truly are America's Most Wanted" states Richardson upon the launch of the clip.

Gabby and Wendy had a moment at the Casio Shock event in NYC.

Oprah prepares to say goodbye...for now.. <!--more-->

This post actually made me upset that I moved from Aurora...Cause I probably could have seen this as it happend. Watch and LAUGH

Cassie posed for Bust Magazine for a spread titled "Nuit Blache," where she rocks "styles that look even better the morning after." Check out some excerpts from her interview.

The Queen (Mary J. Blige) dethrones the King (Diddy) in the battle of fragrances. <!--more-->

While one lady is leading the race with a record 13 nominations, another got the snub of the century with only one nomination - and it was for "video editing." Blah. Can you guess who received what?

A workplace shooting leaves a massacre of 9 people including the shooter. Many are wondering Why? Video inside