Willow Smith and her mom Jada Pinkett Smith hit Milan Fashion Week. Check out the mother-daughter duo below:

James Heselden, the millionaire owner of Segway Inc., died in an accident when he drove one of the company’s two-wheeled vehicles off a cliff and into a river, West Yorkshire police said today.

In the photo, Rihanna stands alone in a field surrounded by multicolored balloons, wearing nothing but a white bustier and short-shorts.

The Togolese-French model took a break from posing nude for Calvin Klein billboards to appear in a photo spread titled "My Jamaican Guy" photographed by Mathia Vriens-McGrath. In it, he bares his chest, abs and sex appeal, all while channeling Grace Jones' "Nightclubbing" album cover.

HelloBeautiful.com’s blogger “YeahSheSaidIt” is known for “keeping it real” with her audience in her Lifestyle and Advice column. In reaction to many men who fear marriage, the eccentric writer has created a list of benefits men receive after jumping the broom.

Eve hit the club in Miami over the weekend to at Cameo nightclub in South Beach. The rapper wore just a bikini top along with leggings and a blazer.

After spotting this message on Twitter via one of Wyclef’s handles - @AFACeAFACe: “Information from an inside source has confirmed @wyclef has been hospitalized due to Stress and Fatigue", HipHollywood did a little digging to find out the exact reason for Wyclef’s hospitalization.

In the photos and some behind-the-scenes footage, Rihanna, clad in short-shorts, fishnets, heels, and a leotard, can be seen walking the streets of New York playing with drumsticks.

Although it’s several years from being released, some of you may have heard by now that Will Smith is preparing to play the part of 25th dynasty Egyptian Pharoah, Taharqa, in a major Hollywood film set for 2013.