Year In Review

[Listen] @kwellscomm “Access Indy with Kim Wells” In President Donald Trump’s era we’re observing that hate continues across the nation. Observers are on the look out that America is becoming ‘Land of the Free…Home to Feel Free to Hate.’  We’ve not only got to pray for peace and love…but we’ve got to actively work on it […]

As 2013 winds down, what’s going to be the popular culture trends of 2014? Has that next ‘thing’ started? let’s look back at what was the popular trends of 2013 as we head to 2014. TWERKING– This dance move was born out of New Orleans back in ’93—Then the ‘Artist formally known as Hanna Montana’ ruined […]

  Indy represented well in 2013! Pick a sport and we were there and making major headlines! Which was your favorite? Let us know in our poll! Top TV Shows of 2013 Favorite Diva of 2013! Top 10 Black Twitter Moments of 2013 What Was Your Top Moments on TJMS? [VOTE]

People know they know how to cut up on twitter and when your favorite or least favorite person in the public eye gives you the opportunity it’s wide open for some of the greatest laughs of life! What was your favorite moment on social media? Tell us in our poll! 106.7 WTLC’s Top 30 Songs […]

The legendary Tom Joyner Morning Show is full of great and hilarious moments! Its really hard to narrow it down so we chose the ones who got the overall best reactions. Vote for your favorite after you listen! Alright, you heard them…Now cast your vote!

Another year where we find out people are crazy in real life…or at least put in position to act a fool! Whether scripted or not we were entertained. Vote for you favorite Reality TV Show below! Top TV Shows of 2013 Top Movies of 2013

Even though reality TV is still going strong, scripted TV made a major surge this year and a lot of programs and networks seen success. Tell us which one was your favorite in our poll! Top Movies of 2013 Favorite Diva of 2013! 106.7 WTLC’s Top 30 Songs of 2013! [POLL]

A lot of great and impact filled films hit movie theaters this year. There were so many we could only make room for the most talked about! Let us know which one was your favorite!

The ladies represented this year from breakout singles to unexpected albums on iTunes! Who represented the best? Let’s us know below!

It was a great year for music! So many hits from Robin Thicke, Miguel and Beyonce and even your favorites Mary J, John Legend and Fantasia came back through some to drop some great music. We want to know what was your favorite? Let us know in our poll!

Our 2012 list features a testicle-munching fish; a chef who cooked and served his own genitals; the world’s fattest woman, who loses weight by having marathon sex; and a 20-year-old Brazilian who auctioned off her virginity, supposedly to help the poor.    Read more > > SOURCE:  Buck Wolf – Huff Post

As 2012 comes to a close, we say farewell to the television and film stars, music legends, sports figures, and national heroes who touched us all. This is a look back at some of the notable deaths from the past year, gleaned from your search habits.  Read more >>     (Source: Yahoo! News)