A champion of equity in education, Lindsay Love planned to attend a conference for school board members in urban districts. But conservatives tried to twist the purpose of the conference claiming it proved the district supported critical race theory.

The legal challenge to historic aid for Black farmers ignores the previously established history of discrimination by the USDA and related agencies.

Faith leaders and elected officials gathered Tuesday to pray and demand action on federal voting rights legislation.

Demings has just announced that she will be challenging Republican Party U.S. Senator Marco Rubio for his seat, and it appears that this will be a race to watch in 2022.

Marco Rubio immediately lashed out at Val Demings in apparent fear after the Democratic Congresswoman formally announced that she's coming for the Florida Republican's seat in the U.S. Senate next year.

Harris faced heat from conservatives and some progressives who are irate over the United States' history of mistreating migrants attempting to flee violence and persecution in their home countries.

Vice President Kamala Harris became the highest-ranking Black woman government official in U.S. history to make a foreign trip when she traveled to Guatemala and Mexico to address the immigration crisis.

The Democratic Senator from West Virginia penned an op-ed opposing Democracy reform legislation, citing a lack of bipartisan support despite evidence of Republican coordination to pass voter suppression laws.

Board members have decided to ignore history by passing a resolution that falsely affirms slavery and racism were exceptions and inconsistent with American values.

Allen West is stepping down from being chairman of the Texas Republican Party to possibly launch a bid for governor. But chances of him winning the primary seem doubtful for many reasons, but one in particular.

A reflection of the country they represent, Harris, along with other Black women leaders within the Biden administration, leverage their platforms to elevate issues impacting Black and other communities of color that past administrations have overlooked.

Reports are now saying that former US President Donald Trump believes he will be reinstated with the presidency by the end of this summer. Yeah...right!