Take Action! Click here to learn more from Indiana State Teachers Association The conversation around Critical Race Theory in schools has been a hot topic across the nation and currently here in Indianapolis. Indiana House Bill 1134 Education Matters was written in response to the debates over CRT is and the inclusion of diversity, equity […]

Independence Day, in the midst of attacks on democracy, highlights the hypocrisy of America.


The new frontier is digital, which means newly blazed trails have fewer highway robbers (who are often cops) that can select victims based on race. The decentralized market makes it something governments can’t easily turn into pyramids of caste inequality.


Any other beacon of democracy would’ve at least chosen Election Day as its newest federal holiday, but that would have empowered Black and poor people (of all colors) to make the system live up to America's actual doctrines.


Since it's Black Music Month and we're approaching a summer of vaccination roulette with family, here's a curated list of timeless hip-hop songs.


Black children are not killed because police fail to recognize them as children.  They are killed because they are Black. 


Entertainment reporter and writer Lauren “Bobby Pen” Williams reflects on her the lessons she learned from her late mother that guide her through life today.


The mission for funerals like Ma'Khia Bryant's should be to celebrate children and mourn lives cut too short. Instead, these live-streamed funerals are part of the choreography of state murders and modern day lynchings of Black bodies.

Lil Nas X wanted to test just how tolerant and welcoming some of y’all really are when it comes to treating people equally. So, the 21-year-old, gay Black man celebrated his sexuality and put our boundaries to the test with his video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

Evelyn Lozada is standing stern against OG's accusation that her "ugly" comments are rooted in colorism.


Despite attacks on the right to abortion, advocates point out that it is still legal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. But being legal alone is not enough to protect access. 

Sasha Obama went viral again this weekend for wearing a midriff and conservative haters are calling her every name in the book.