The case had remained unsolved since Jay's murder in 2002.

The bigoted bloke went on a rather racist rant before a group of Black bruvs decided they had enough and knocked the chatty fellow smooth out.

The family of Kawaski Trawick was reacting with outrage at a prosecutor's decision against criminally charging the NYPD cops who Tasered, shot and killed him in his apartment.

St. Louis Sheriff Vernon Betts is running for re-election against his former deputy, Alfred Montgomery, and the two have such a contentious history that it nearly turned physical on a viral video.

Yugeshwar Gaindarpersaud claims a police officer in Schenectady beat him, kneeled on his head and arrested him on his own property for a crime the Black man did not commit.

One bar owner in the City of Brotherly Love failed to show at least one brother any love at all when, in fact, all that was being done was a simple common courtesy in the name of public health.

A Black man almost got lynched in Indiana on the Fourth of July, according to a social media post he wrote that was accompanied by video footage of the encounter with a group of white men at Lake Monroe near Bloomington.

"Karen" literally decided to take matters into her own hands when she destroyed a display of face masks at a Target store in Scottsdale, Arizona.