The retired four-star general and former secretary of state passed due to COVID-19 complications, his family said.

Candace Owens somehow concluded that "extremely overweight" people supporting the COVID-19 vaccine didn't have any "self-awareness" and suggested because they're not skinny they don't have "authority" to encourage people to get vaccinated. Yes, really.

Actress Letitia Wright has decided to stick to her anti-vaxxer stance, and reportedly is even spreading the word while filming 'Black Panther 2' in Atlanta.

Apple users will have no excuse when it comes to presenting their COVID-19 immunization cards.

Melvin Van Peebles, a true giant of Black cinema, has passed away. He was 89. Van Peebles is best known for 1971’s  Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, a cult classic film that he wrote, directed and self-financed and released independently. The groundbreaking film proved that a Black director could be successful and had an audience, […]

Chris Rock's tweet that he tested positive for COVID-19 prompted some anti-vaxxers who clearly don't understand how vaccines work or follow what medical experts have been saying to ask him why he's still recommending the vaccine even he got infected.

Well, this Coronavirus is spreading by the second. As the days go by, more and more public figures are getting caught with the deadly virus.

We're clearly still in the midst of a global pandemic, and should move accordingly. Comedian and actor Chris Rock revealed that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

One Detroit family is currently suffering an unimaginable loss after seven children lost both of their parents to coronavirus, and they sadly died just hours apart from each other. 

Anti-vaxxers have long been associated with white people, but a growing number of notable Black folks are also refusing to endorse the COVID-19 vaccine for a variety of reasons as the pandemic rages around the world.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper and social media superstar rattled off some anti-vaccine talking points that have fans trying and failing miserably to change the Queen's mind.

Rapper Nicki Minaj said she tested positive for COVID-19, advised her millions of Twitter followers to not be "bullied" into getting vaccinated and shared a horrific story/conspiracy theory about a family friend becoming "impotent" with "swollen testicles" as a result.