Microsoft is pushing the few users left who still have a Windows 10 Mobile phone to switch to Apple or Samsung.  The company announced this is the final year Microsoft will provide support for Windows 10 Mobile.  December 10th, 2019 will be the last day for product and security updates.  Although experts say your mobile […]

You can listen to 106.7 WTLC wherever you go with our FREE smartphone apps. Download the 106.7 WTLC mobile app on your smartphone through the iTunes Store or Android Marketplace. (Download instructions below.) Our smartphone apps allow you to listen to 106.7 WTLC wherever you go, check out lyrics as the songs play, see artist and […]

Three major Hollywood studios have decided to back an online movie ticketing app to make it easier for you to get your tickets for your next showtime.  Fox, Disney and Lionsgate are showing their support for Atom Tickets in the form of $50 million. The startup is meant to make it easier specifically for groups […]

If you’re still trying to get your high school grad enrolled in college late this semester or you have a high school senior this year and you’re starting the process, the college counseling app now has new funding–more than a million dollars to help students, parents and college counselors get young people into the […]

Your iPhone and iPad might never look the same come this fall. No, we don’t know what the next versions of the iPad and iPhone hardware will look like, but we might not need to. Apple Monday revealed the next version of its mobile software iOS 7, and it’s the makeover of makeovers. Think a “Pretty Woman”-size makeover. […]

We get the idea that you’re supposed to try to throw these guys off their game, but there’s gotta be a line that can’t be crossed. One guy in Australia found that line, crossed it repeatedly, and got just what he seemed to be asking for. You DO know that’s a real person under all […]

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