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What men want in a relationship I call the 3 A’s: Acceptance, Appreciation and Affection. Acceptance of who they are. They don’t want to live in fear of a woman wanting to change them. It’s happened to them many times already more than likely. A woman falls in love and then starts complaining about things […]

  Unfortunately, having a type frequently presents the same relationship issues over and over again – a situation that is not always fun. Manyl Ladies complain they just don’t find men who are attractive to them. This is a tip off that the person is likely hindering their dating search by seeking a specific type […]

Do some research. Spend some time with your female friends, sisters, aunts, grandmothers or female cousins and pick their brains. Don’t be afraid to ask some pressing questions. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about female behavior, habits, interests and desires just by spending time with your female friends. Get out of […]

Pursue your own hobbies and interests. Just as it is important for your man to have his space. Become more comfortable being alone. If you are terrified at the thought of being separated from your man, consider working on this anxiety. Start by spending an hour alone each week. Deal with your own emotions. Allow […]

There Are Tons Of Nerve Endings… …in your lips (100 times more than in your fingertips!) that stimulate desire. That’s why smooching before, during, and after sex can be extremely arousing and satisfying. Forty Percent Of Men Say That… …a really long, steamy kiss will get them immediately ready for sex. The Best Way To […]

  First dates are always tricky, mainly because nervous reactions are almost guaranteed. You either have to be way too experienced in order to feel completely relaxed or have a healthy dose of knowledge regarding conversation topics for first dates. Don’t worry, feeling nervous is very natural and we all experience the feeling from time […]

Bring Out Your Inner Tomboy Seduce Him With a Surprise We all need some routine in our lives, as it helps us to meet all our responsibilities, but it’s also important to show the man in your life, that being with you isn’t dull and boring. Often time’s women assume that the man has to […]

You have to keep it fresh. Whatever you look like now is the picture you need to have on your profile. Did you cut all your hair off? Post a pic. We want to see how awesome you look. Did you go to the Bahamas?  Tell us about it. New job? Congratulations! Make sure to […]

Now one of the oldest sayings of all time is “All Men Think About Is Sex” so I wanted to challenge that theory. I wanted to see if that was really true and what better way then to pose and open-end question that is fill in the blank. So we ask the question “If my […]

The Loverman’s Lounge has taken another topic head on as we dig deep to find out “How often do men think about sex?” Is it classic perversion? Is this something that is uncontrollable? More importantly than all this after you watch this short video….What are women going to do about it? Well we don’t have […]

So we all know and talk about interracial dating, but what about those X-Factors??? You know the guys who ONLY DATE white or other? Whats their reason? Attitude? Too demanding? what about if they took it a step further and said….”Black Women don’t think I’m good enough”….WELL! Listen to this! And please give us your […]

The original post was getting so much love on Facebook and on that I had to ask a few people around the studios about it. What you are about to hear is hard hitting and very REAL TALK! You have 3 perspectives as to “WHY” and maybe you might find some insight on exactly […]