The 411

One of the coolest Old School Actors ever. <!--more-->

Hey Now..... but I still think Fred Williamson is sexier. Check out the movie trailer. <!--more-->

Do you think Bobby is hating on Whitney, telling the truth, or is he still in love with her? What do you think? <!--more-->

What's the real deal with this? If the people are buying tickets to the show shouldn't she do the concert? If the clothing part is an issue should she change how she does her thing for people that aren't buying tickets to the concert? What do you think? <!--more-->

Would you be alright with your high school student taking Bible Study classes in public school? <!--more-->

Whitney's looking good but what happened with her clothes? See for yourself <!--more-->

Why is Richard Pryor's wife so mad at Mike Epps? Where is the Love? <<!--more-->

Latoya Jackson says that her brother never felt comfortable with fans seeing unfinished products. <!--more-->

A Happier Michael is something we all would like to see. Will you support the movie? Who do you think will really benefit from the money made from the ticket sells? <!--more-->

Don't miss First Lady Michelle Obama on Jay Leno. I thinks she is a wonderful role model for women of all nations. What are your thoughts and will you watch? <!--more-->

Is this really the question or do women play a part in men learning to see us past the booty? <!--more-->

Ok, really???? Are there ever any good rules for "Booty Calls" or are they just a bad idea all the way around? <!--more-->