While we once again see Carl Weathers rolling out the welcome mat for The Man and the baby, we're still waiting to see Rosario Dawson make her Star Wars universe debut as the lightsaber wielding Ahsoka Tano. Hopefully we don't have to wait too many episodes to see her get busy on screen.

One of the most unique album releases of all time eventually ended up being a reminder that money does not buy you class. The story behind the purchase of Wu-Tang Clan’s one of one project is coming to your favorite streaming platform. As spotted on Hype Beast the album the Hip-Hop world wanted to hear but […]

While it's still weird to have a barely 200-pound Batman running around Gotham City and kicking ass all night long (even Michael Keaton had a dad bod going for him in the '80s), Pattison aka Edward Cullen's hand skills seemed on point as he pummeled what seemed to be a Joker disciple to the ground.

Idris Elba is finally starring in spy flick, and no, it's not a James Bond movie, but it might be the beginning of his own franchise.