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American men are making sure their legacies are preserved as fears over the coronavirus pandemic spread. The Daily Beast reports that business around freezing sperm has risen, according to at-home sperm collection companies. CryoChoice and Dadi say sales have increased by as much as 20-percent and there are more daily inquiries than ever before. The […]

A Massachusetts man has undergone treatment for experiencing symptoms of an allergic reaction every time he climaxes. The Urology Case Reports medical journal shows that the unnamed 25-year-old visited a doctor after suffering “debilitating anxiety” and “brain fog” following every orgasm since he was 16. Medical professionals diagnosed him with post-orgasmic illness syndrome, which presents […]

Hosted By Ebony Chappel @ebonythewriter Interview with Muhammed Saahir of Blue Sofa Counseling. For more information, call 812-269-2214 or email Link: African-Americans and Mental Health    

Black men who get chemotherapy for prostate cancer could live longer than white men.  A new study presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology found that black men had a nearly 20 percent lower risk of death during the same period as white men.  However, the study also noted that black men have a […]

@kwellscomm Mental wellness is a critical but often overlooked part of the trajectory of the young Black male’s success in our society. Professionals from all walks of life and community members at-large who serve or encounter young black males will gather at an upcoming event on August 30 that will address culturally-competent practice with Black males here in Indy who […]

Samuel L. Jackson attends as many fundraisers for Alzheimer’s disease as he can because he’s convinced he’ll be diagnosed with dementia before he dies. Jackson fears he’ll follow in the footsteps of relatives that have succumbed to the condition. He says, “My grandfather had Alzheimer’s, my maternal and paternal grandmothers had it, my mom died […]

Michael Douglas makes a startling admission about his throat cancer in a new interview, saying his battle with the disease was caused by oral sex. Asked if he regretted drinking and smoking for years prior to his 2010 diagnosis, Douglas tells The Guardian, “No. Because without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by […]

African Americans are two times more likely to be diagnosed with the disease than whites. Today is Alzheimer’s Action Day and Beth Kallmyer of the Alzheimer’s Association wants to educate and inspire you to join the fight against this disease. September is officially observed as World Alzheimer’s Month. There are over five million Americans living […]

According to a recent study of about 100 men,  a medical research team discovered that the men with larger amounts of saturated fat intakes had lower sperm counts, as well as, lower potency levels. On the other hand, those men whose diets were high in omega-3 fatty acids had sperm counts that were up to 38 percent higher. Click […]

BE FRIENDS WITH FIRST LADY ON FACEBOOK OR FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER according to eurweb Steve Harvey is attempting to lose 21 pounds in 21 days with a “magical” detox diet. But critics are saying the diet is dangerous and ineffective. The diet, called “Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days,” is based on best selling […]

BE FRIENDS WITH FIRST LADY ON FACEBOOK OR FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER according to eurweb Steve Harvey, Dr. Roni DeLuz and James Hester For those wondering how Steve Harvey’s 21 pounds in 21 days diet is going, columnist Flo Anthony sent word to us that Steve has now lost 13 pounds and all is well. […]

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