Sugar free peanut butter is a great option for diabetic recipes. Check out this recipe to turn an everyday sandwich into a dessert.

For the longest time diabetes testing was done through urine samples. Urine tests can pick up diabetes, but it usually has to be very advanced to be detected through this method. There are 5 blood tests that can give you a close to accurate diagnosis.

By the year 2034 about 44.1 million people will have diabetes, up from 23.7 million people today. At the same time, the cost of treating people with diabetes will triple.

Researchers have found that people who eat five or more servings per week of white rice were 17 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who eat less than one serving of white rice per month.

Today, diabetes mellitus is one of the most serious health challenges facing the more than 30 million African Americans. The following statistics illustrate the magnitude of this disease among African Americans.

Healthy eating is an essential component in any diabetes management plan. Make wise food selections that will help keep your blood sugar level within your target range. Follow these tips on using your diet to manage your diabetes.

Do you have diabetes or high blood pressure? Did you know that both of these conditions can damage your kidneys? Kidney disease from diabetes and high blood pressure does not go away, it just gets worse over time. Early kidney disease does not make you feel sick. The only way to know is to get tested.