Election 2012

President Obama made a surprise visit to the campaign office in Chicago yesterday to give a heartfelt thank-you to staff and volunteers. I wanted to pass this video along, because it’s a message every single person who helped build this campaign deserves to see. He wasn’t just talking to those of us in the office—he […]

Now that the Election is over get over your anxiety with some of the best Election 2012 pictures.

It’s official: America has four more years … of Michelle Obama’s dazzling fashion choices. So what did she wear last night when she and her daughters accompanied President Barack Obama on stage for his victory speech? Something we’ve actually seen before. For the big night, the First Lady recycled a dress that she’s worn publicly […]

Running for re-election to be the President of the United States is not as easy as Barack Obama makes it looks, or is it? Check out President Barack Obama’s top 10 facial expressions, in no particular order, our Editor Ashley “AC” Trybula captured during President Barack Obama’s election night rally at the Mc Cormick Center […]

It’s official! President Obama is STILL the POTUS! Much of America celebrated a close but very definite win to keep President Obama in office for the next four years. He commemorated his win and gave a very heartfelt speech in his hometown Chicago to inspire the nation that we are indeed moving forward. Highlights from […]

A very tight and sea-saw battle was won tonight by. We congratulate in his hard fought victory! Are you please with the outcome of this years Election? Do you feel that your vote counted? Let your voice be heard here. #TJMSExclusive: Roland Martin Speaks With Obama’s Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett #KarenCallsIt: 5 Things To Watch […]

They’re not quite old enough to cast their vote yet, but they are definitely making sure their voices are heard. Students from The Democracy Prep Citizen Scholars created a video called “Vote For Somebody.” Watch the video, see if you can recognize the song then GO VOTE :) #YourVoteMatters So cute but even better message!!

Someone has to introduce the president. On Monday, the final day of the presidential campaign, President Barack Obama, however, didn’t bring along an opening act. He brought along two main acts. Read More Here (Source: Black America Web)

President Barack Obama calls into the TJMS on election day to urge people to “turn out the vote.” Click here to listen (Source: Black America Web)

Roland Martin talks with Valerie Jarrett about today’s election. Click here to listen. (Source: Black America Web)

Today is a huge day for our country and what better way to start it than with prayer? Bishop T.D. Jakes launched election day with a special prayer on the TJMS. Click here to listen Smoke Norful, Shirley Caesar, Al Sharpton and Marvin Sapp also prayed throughout the morning. Click here to listen.

Polling location: Know where your current polling place is located. It will be listed on your voter registration card. Remember that it may have changed since the last time you voted. Do not wear campaign merchandise: Most states don’t allow it. Play it safe and dress neutral. Get a Sample Ballot: Many counties have sample […]