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Should Whoopi Goldberg be worried about her job? Whoopi ticked off Barbara Walter’s on today’s episode of “The View.” The ladies were having a conversation about the increased security being implemented at airports. Whoopi Goldberg felt that the TSA agents need to be trained in a different method for patting down children.

“I think you can’t pat down a child the same way you would pat down an adult,” Goldberg said. “I think there has to be some training in there.”

Joy Behar chimed in and suggested they use the x-ray machine, Sherri Shepherd said that her young son has a tendency to touch the sides because he thinks the whole thing is fun.

Barbara Walters suggested that she simply talk to her son, Shepherd said that she does, but he’s a little boy (if you’re a parent, you can sympathize with this).

“Nothing is perfect–” Walters said, on multiple occasions. But like every day on the show, they kept cutting each other off. When Goldberg backed Shepherd by saying, “Take care of business, Sherri,” Walters went in on with…”Let me just finish my sentence, okay?”

After a moment of cold staring, Walters apologized. The tension passed, as happens when both parties have respect for one another, and Walters got to finish her sentence. “This is all done for our safety,” she contributed, and things continued on as normal.

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