KFC Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

This Fast Carb side is a great choice even during the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover. Topped with a low fat gravy offered at KFC, this Fast Carb makes for a great cornerstone to keeping your body in Fat Burning Mode. Per serving: 130 calories (20g carbs, 2g protein, 4.5g fat, 1g saturated fat)

KFC Original Recipe Drumstick

Two drumsticks make for a Protein portion of your Fat Loss Plate. Served with your preferred carbohydrates (e.g., Mashed Potatoes (Fast Carb) and Baked Beans (Slow Carb) and you have a Food Lovers Fat Loss Plate. Per serving: 110 calories (2g carbs, 10g protein, 8g fat, 2g saturated fat)

KFC Potato Salad

Even though this Fast Carb is made with red bell peppers, onions and celery – keep in mind that it’s also frused with a tablespoon of mayo. Great alternative to deep fried potato wedges when you’re on the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover or you’ve chosen Strategy #1 of the Food Lovers for Life. Per serving: 180 calories ( 24g carbs, 2g protein, 9g fat, 1.5g saturated fat)

KFC Cole Slaw

Not feeling the baked beans, well, choose cole slaw instead. This Slow Carb offers an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber; carrots are chock-full of vitamins A, K, and C and potassium. Per serving: 190 calories (22g carbs, 1g protein, 11g fat, 2g saturated fat)

KFC Honey BBQ Sandwich

You may think honey and sugar are one, but this sandwich is not on the “avoid” list as it is a Fat Loss Plate all on it’s own. Per serving: 310 calories (42g carbs, 23g protein, 6g fat, 1.5g saturated fat)

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