By Ruth Manuel-Logan

Woe is Katt Williams! The comedian certainly does not have a lot to joke about these days.

According to several published reports, Williams is facing a whirlwind of debt. The megastar-turned-hissy-fit-thrower is having to deal with his Calabasas, Calif., mansion going in to foreclosure; the home which was once described by fellow comedienne Kathy Griffin as a “small city.” He also allegedly owes Uncle Sam millions in back taxes despite the fact his comedy tours grossed an estimated $50 million.

Williams was contractually obligated to do a show during the recent all-star weekend in Dallas, Texas, and didn’t live up to his end of the deal. He allegedly kept the deposit and now he’s in hot water. Lawsuits are pending from unpaid employees and lawyers, who are miffed about not receiving their monies for getting the actor out of sticky situations like his recent burglary charge and Walmart arrest.

Troubles are just compounding for Williams, who has been in the media as of late, painting a “woe is me” picture and accusing authorities of a witch hunt.

Williams, whose driveway was once littered with Lambos; other pricey exotics; and his most-prized possession, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, has been dealt yet another blow. The actor’s most-beloved vehicle, which Williams talked about in several of his past performances, is no longer in his possession. Williams’ $400k-plus mega mobile was recently repossessed as reported by the Bossip website.

Unfortunately, the once-successful comedian declared himself retired as of last year. Williams is now a rapper and only wants to perform in venues that will be accepting of his new career. The takers are few and far between now and the money troubles seem to be ever increasing for Williams.

The plot thickens…stay tuned….

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