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Cool off. Take a week to completely avoid all your problems. This may sound crazy, but trust me; they will still be there when you get back. This doesn’t mean you will never talk about your problems again, stubborn issues often find a new way of appearing even if you have talked it to death. The key is to get the good emotions flowing again. Any negativity and contention needs to go out the door so that the feeling of love may blossom. You may be surprised too, when you are feeling the love all the other stuff tends to melt away.

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    Communicate. Whether or not you think yelling at someone from across the room is communicating, (it’s not), the lesson here is to begin to listen and put the other’s needs in the center of your day. Think of something that will make the other happy or smile, and do one thing like it everyday. It is good to do it on both sides, but after awhile it should occur naturally.

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    Be nice. Remember not to invite back contention by backbiting, using hurtful sarcasm, or pushing each other’s buttons. Think of the traits in that person that you fell crazy in love with. Sometimes these traits are the same traits that make us just plain crazy, but look closely, it may be something you are missing that could turn into positive, if you let it.

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    Get close. The physical chemistry between you and that special someone is part of the reason why you are together. Whether you are the type of couple that can’t keep their hands off each other or somewhere in between, you probably haven’t had the chance to snuggle up with each other between the fits of argument. Feeling the love means touching, hugging, kissing and cuddling that person. Allowing yourself to get close automatically forces out the fighter and ups the lover inside you. If it’s “been awhile” you may also consider some intimate time together, which will help you reconnect physically and emotionally.

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    Be genuine. If you don’t genuinely work at it, you can’t expect it to get better. Look at the things you can do and change instead of sitting around for your other half to magically become perfect overnight. Ending things always seems easier, but relationships rise and improve with challenge. Though you are not supposed to compare, picture that perfect couple you admire and want to be like. Know that no “perfect couple” achieves greatness overnight or even over a few years. Anything worth having takes time and commitment through the ups, downs, and flat lines.