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Sadly, there is always an issue come election time when it pertains to the black vote.

Democrats take us for granted because we traditionally lean left, so they figure we’re going to vote Democrat because we always do. The same goes for the Republican Party, who don’t mind making it known that they don’t care about our vote.

So you can now understand why we’re always the last ‘bloc’ of votes they reach out to!

In Trying Times, Keep Your Head Up!

I’ve always noticed that both parties usually wait until they have locked up other sections of voters – before they even think about coming to speak to us – and this has to stop. We have to make both political parties realize that our votes are just as important as; or even more important than the others they vie for.

Maybe we need to start our version of The Tea Party! Make enough noise to be taken serious, yet cause enough ruckus to show that we are our own movement.

Both of these parties also have to start realizing that Jesse Jackson, Russell Simmons and Al Sharpton aren’t the only Blacks to have influence over us. They are acting as if we feel that now that we have a Black president – we’re happy – and the world will continue on now, and that should NOT be the case!!!

The Omar Thornton Shootings Show Us Racism Is Here To Stay

Sadly, I have realized that amongst Blacks, we are not energized to become more involved in politics as we were when Barack Obama was running for president. We’ve probably gotten more complacent since he took office, and now is NOT the time to do so. Actually, there should be no complacency amongst us for the remainder of our time on earth!

This may be one of the compelling reasons politicians on both ends of the spectrum – have decided to wait until they lock up the ‘other’ voters – before approaching us. They feel that if they spend time with us initially, it will turn off the ‘other’ factors and it would work against them, because they didn’t make them the priority.

What, we have to do, as Black people, is become even MORE involved in politics. And we HAVE to do so NOW!

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