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Respect is the main component of loving yourself is having respect yourself. Once you get this down- you’re on your way! Think about when your down in the dumps, how do you let these negative feeling out? Over 64% of Americans report when feeling down they lash out on guess who..themselves in both mental and physical forms. For example you failed a test today are you going to lecture yourself on how dumb are, will you deprive yourself of sleep going over the test or worse, cause self harm? This is so unhealthy and won’t benefit you in any way I promise you.

Once you learn the benefits of self respect you will practice it more often and soon it will become a positive habit.

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    Replace icky negative thoughts with positive ones;


    By taking thoughts that will bring you down with ones that will make you feel up, with a clear mind you will learn to love yourself because you’ll have a better time in daily life and will be more likely to successes. Obviously this will cause self love because you will finally realize that “hey! I guess I’m not so bad after all..” This will also bring up your self-esteem which will make others look at you positively too!

    At first it will seem difficult to take negative thoughts and convert them into positive ones but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad! Take ‘oh my god I’m so fat’ and turn it in to ‘I would love to be more healthy. I think I’ll sign up for that new gym and attend it with my friends on the weekend. Imagine how great I’ll look for summer!’ You must also practice converting everyday too.

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    Pick up, or put an emphasis on your talents. If it’s possible look into competitions for your talent (ex. battle of the bands, pie eating contest etc.) Try sharing your talent with others, and seek others with your interest. Remember the saying birds of a feather? Well your friends with similar interests can help you build on your talent therefore building on your self love.