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Come to the conscious realization that the relationship is over. Being realistic at this stage is better than holding out false hope that your partner is coming back.

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    Do not put your life on hold. Life will not stop because you got dumped. Try to move ahead with life and do the things you would normally do. An active mind is a healthier mind.

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    Realize you are human and give yourself time to grieve. There is no doubt you will struggle. Some days will be harder than others. Do not try to replace your natural grieving process with a rebound relationship, drinking/drugging or risk-taking, extreme behaviors.

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    Engage your mind in books that are inspirational or provide “self-help.” There are many good books out there on this subject.

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    Join a self-help or separation/divorce group in your community. Allow others to help you through the grieving process. Counselors tend to be more expensive but they are a good resource especially if you have underlying

    issues that need to be resolved.

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    Try to avoid isolating yourself. It is good to be around friends and people who care.

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    Give yourself time to heal. Perhaps the most important ingredient in the grieving process is time.

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    Consider joining activity clubs for singles when you are starting to feel better. They are a great place to make new friends and also a wonderful place for finding someone special.

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