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listen to your spouse, don’t just go through the motions. Really stop and listen to what they have to say. Expect the same respect from them as well.

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    Include them in plans, this means that if you have a project you are working on and you know they would like to participate, wait till they can join you.

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    compliment on features. It doesn’t matter if it is the clothes they wear or some particular part of their body that you love… let them know you like it, often and in a loving way. My hubby loves when I tell him how much I adore his tushy…LOL

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    surprise with a home made card, most computers come with some sort of greeting card software or you can make it in your text editor like Microsoft Works. Even a hand made card by candlelight can give your spouse a warm fuzzy feeling all over.

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    make a special meal for just the two of you with what you have in the pantry.

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    give a facial massage, I have another ehow article on how this is done

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    Have them sit on the floor in front of you while watching TV and rub their head or neck and shoulders

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    give them a manicure or pedicure

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    Massage body lotion or oil into their hands or feet

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    Give them a good back rub

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    Make sure they have time to themselves to do a hobby or go out with friends, do the same for yourself. We all need a little me time as well as we time.

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    Allot a certain amount of money each month for each other to pursue their own interests when you plan your budget. You already plan for entertainment and dining out, use some of that money for each other to do what interests them.

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    clean out the garbage and vacuum their car as a surprise. Just don’t throw away anything that may be important to them. You could also wash the car while you are at it.

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    Most of us have movies that we haven’t gotten around to watching. Break one out and make popcorn. Or go to redbox.com and sign up for their weekly text alerts to get a free movie every Monday.

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