Learn to stay calm and maintain your own joy. When your husband is upset, moody and fussy, it is important to realize how important it is to remain calm. A wife has the power to set the atmosphere of the home. Besides, it takes two to argue. If one remains calm, the storm will soon subside.

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    Understand your husband’s needs. Learn to read through the lines. Unfortunately, people don’t always know how to communicate their feelings. He may be in need of a little affection. If not, then give him the space he needs to work through his frustrations.

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    Make sure that your house is in order. When he sees that you care and desires to make him happy; because he truly loves you, in due time, he will begin working on himself.

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    Maintain a sweet spirit. Set your mind to be a happy and joy filled wife. There’s no need for you to become moody too. Your good disposition can help to encourage him to make better choices to be a happier person. Most moody people really want to be happier people, but are struggling with it. Everyone struggles with something. If you sincerely love your husband and you can deal with his moodiness, then your ability to keep a good disposition will help him as well as be a plus for your marriage.

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    Read up on books about relationships and about men. The more you understand your husband, the better you can communicate and relate to him.

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    Always be willing to make sacrifices for your mate. We all wish that relationships and people were perfect. Unfortunately, they are not and sometimes you have to give love and patience first before you get it back.

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