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By Cheryl Williams

The flowers and candy have been given. The “I love you’s” have been said. The heart thumping anticipation and romance of Valentine’s Day will soon be over, and suddenly you are back in your day to day routine. How can you keep the romance going after the holiday?

Just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean that you have to let romance slip by the wayside. Although flowers and candy are probably not going to be part of your everyday routine, you can still show your spouse the love by simple gestures throughout the day. Some of these gestures involve personal sacrifice, but isn’t that what true love is all about?

1)Watch a movie with your spouse and let your spouse decide what to watch…even if it isn’t something you will like. Besides, sitting through a “chick flick” or a war movie isn’t so bad if you have someone to cuddle up to.

2)Make your spouse’s favorite dinner.

3)Be a servant to your spouse for a day. Grant all requests that you possibly can and have fun doing it. This can be a very sensual, romantic and funny.

4)Bring dinner home when you know your spouse has had a difficult day.

5)Give your spouse a foot rub.

6)Run your spouse a bubble bath, light candles, pour her a glass of wine and leave her alone.

7)Clean your spouse’s car, inside and out.

8)Vacuum and do the dishes for your spouse. If this is not normally something you would do, your spouse will be all the more touched.

9)Send your spouse sexy text messages throughout the day.

10)Call your spouse’s phone and sing a favorite love song.

11)Tuck a love note where it is least expected such as a pocket or dresser drawer. Make your note a bookmark in the book your loved one is reading. It is sure to bring a smile.

12)Dance in the living room..with or without music. Very romantic.

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