Whitney Houston’s first UK performance in more than 12 years was highlighted by a wardrobe malfunction that caused the back strap of her dress to pop open and flap down by her sides for the rest of the song. The artist, whose childhood nickname was Nippy, was singing her new single “Million Dollar Bill” on the “X Factor” Sunday night when her body-hugging, floor-length gown unhinged in the back, leaving the second pair of straps over her shoulders to hold up the dress. [Scroll down to watch clip.] In footage of her performance below, she can be seen looking down at her dress, then shrugging her shoulders. At another point, she holds each of the unfastened back straps out to the side, then, soldiers on through the rest of the song. “I sang myself out of my clothes,” she said after her performance. Houston, who pulled double duty as the contestants’ mentor this week, was later praised by host, Dermot O’Leary, for her rather aggressive advice to the wannabes. “Is that why you call me ‘Lippy’?” she asked Cowell. “Simon calls me Lippy. I say what’s on my mind just like he does.”

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