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commitDo you find yourself in a relationship that hasn’t reached the commitment stage? Why don’t men commit as fast as women? Have you tried to find the reasons for that?

Here are three foolproof ways to make your man commit to you.

Let him know that he can keep some freedom.

The biggest reason why a man fears commitment is the fear of losing his freedom. He is your partner, not a prisoner who you have to keep bound all the time. Don’t threaten him by taking away his independence. Let him know that you value his individual freedom. Guys like to have a ‘boys only’ night once in a while. Let him do that. This will make him realize that you are an understanding and adjusting partner. Just make sure that he knows that he has to be there when it comes to taking important decisions.

Make it easy for him to trust you.

Communication is the most important of any relationship. It has to be a two way thing. He should feel comfortable talking to you. For that you have to listen to him patiently without criticizing him. He may be in situations where he needs a friend. Be that friend and listen to what he has to say. Suppose he tells you that he is going to lose his job. Don’t start complaining about how you are going to make ends meet or criticizing him that he may not have been a good employee. The important thing is to show support. Make your suggestions only when he asks for advice.

Make your man feel special.

It is very important for the man to know that you love him for what he is. You need to show him that he is the special person in your life and you like him as he is. At the start of the relationship, avoid asking questions about his salary or his previous relationships or how much his parents earn. The situation can really get awkward and he may feel that you are interested in material things only. Once your relationship starts growing, he will definitely tell you about his personal stuff. Let him know that you care for him without knowing his pay packet.

Insist on knowing his family.

After a few months of dating, show him that you are interested in knowing his family and friends. That will give him a clear hint about where you want to go. If he is really serious about you, he will readily agree. If he is not, he will avoid the subject. Then it is time for you to take the hint.

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