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Take time to heal. When a relationship ends, it’s a good idea to stay single for a bit until you can put all the pieces of what happened to the relationship in perspective. Give yourself time to mourn the loss of the relationship and forgive what was done. Time will take away the pain if you just wait it out.

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    Do not blame yourself. Relationships fail because two people disagree, not one. Beating yourself up over the end of the relationship will only cause you unnecessary grief. Chalk it up to bad timing, different needs, or inability to compromise. Nothing is ever completely your fault.

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    Talk to friends and family close to you. Tell them about the relationship and what happened and they can help put the sadness into perspective for you. Sometimes you are too close to the situation to see what is really going on and a close friend could offer a differing opinion. It’s okay to tell them your heartbroken. Getting it out is so much healthier than keeping it bottled inside.

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    Do not generalize all relationships. Be positive and open to new things. Realize that not all people are the same and the next person that comes into your life will not hurt you like the last one did. Generalization only keeps you from true happiness and enhances the bitterness that will prevent you from finding another love.

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    Believe in love. Love is real and truly exists and just because you had your heart broke once, does not mean it will happen each time you meet someone. Keep an open mind that you will find a person who truly cares for you and will make you happy. Optimism is key.

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    Date for the sake of dating. Have fun and do not pressure yourself to find love. Not all relationships will turn into love…if they did, then love would be tedious and boring. Enjoy yourself with others and relax. You can’t get your heart broken if your just having fun and feeling out the relationship.